Harp Column

The International Harp Contest in Israel hosted a 60th anniversary gala on Dec. 12 in Tel Aviv.

—by Sunita Staneslow

It was a gorgeous concert with stunning performances. The gala concert celebrating the 60th anniversary of the International Harp Contest in Israel had it all. This special evening showcased some of the world’s best harpists accompanied by world-class musicians from the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. There was something for every harpist and for everyone who loves the harp. The program included some all time favorites, a world premiere, contemporary piece with the composer in the audience, and a transcription. There is no doubt in my mind that the International Harp Contest in Israel has raised the bar for the harp. I truly enjoy watching harpists who love to perform. The harpists were beautiful and confident and the audience was entranced. This was a once in a lifetime celebration of the harp in all its glory. I know this sounds all over the top, but it was a wonderful evening. Wish you were there!